Town Mixer-2eggs,sausage,bacon,potatoes,biscuit and gravy   $8.75
Low Carb-3 scrambled w/cheese, 3 links, 3 bacon  $6.50
Corned beef hash- served with 2 eggs and toast  $6.50
Short Stack of pancakes- 3 pancakes   $5.25
Chocolate chip pancake $2.25
French Toast-3 slices  $5.25  
Biscuits and gravy  $5.50    Half order  $3.25
Kitchen skillet-sausage,ham,bacon,onion,green peppers,potatoes and gravy  $8.75
Two eggs, potatoes,or grits, meat and toast  $7.25
Country breakfast-country fried steak, 2 eggs, potatoes and toast  $9.75
Big breakfast- 2eggs,sausage,bacon,potatoes and one pancake  $8.75
Garbage plate- scrambled eggs,sausage,ham,bacon,onion,green peppers,  
            mushrooms,cheese and toast  $9.75
Hamburger steak, 2 eggs, potatoes, and toast  $9.75
Breakfast Sandwich-$2.25
Oatmeal or Grits -$1.75

Design your own omelet
(includes cheese and one item) each additional item .50
Ham, bacon, sausage,  mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, or hash browns.
    small omelet   ala carte- $5.25        with potatoes- $7.60
     large omelet   ala carte- $6.25         with potatoes- $8.60
Home made desserts- $2.75
Home made soups- bowl- $2.65  cup- 1.65
home made corn bread .50
                    Chili               Ham and beans 
Beef vegetable    Chicken noodle
Broccoli Cheese              Clam chowder  
     Wings - .60 each
Cajun butter           Hot          Hot BBQ          Hot Teriyaki          Mild
BBQ          Teriyaki          Garlic Butter          Garlic BBQ
Sandwiches (served with chips)
make it a platter with fries and a side for $2.00 more
                                     Grilled cheese- $3.25                        Hot Dog - $3.25                                                                                                               B.L.T. $4.25                                      Kitchen Club $7.25
                                    Tenderloin -$6.25                                Chicken - $5.95  
                                     Rueben -$5.95                                    Chicken Malibu-$6.25
                                     Southwest Chicken-$6.25                Hot & Spicy Burger-$5.95
​                                     Patty Melt - $5.95                              Cod - $5.95
​                                     Hamburger - $4.25                             Cheese Burger - $4.75
                                      Rod's 8oz. Burger - $7.25                  Chicken Wrap - $5.95

                                                         Cole slaw                            Cottage cheese
                                                         Applesauce                        Macaroni and cheese
                                                      Macaroni Salad                           Cup of soup

Loaded Fries (chili or bacon & cheese) $5.95
Mozzarella Sticks $3.50
Popcorn Shrimp $3.50
Cream Cheese Poppers $3.50
Egg Rolls $3.50
Breaded Mushrooms $3.50
Onion Rings $3.50
Chicken Wings .60 each

Includes fries and a side 
                                                            Two chicken strips-$ 7.25           Popcorn shrimp-$6.95
                                                       Two piece Cod-$7.25                  Twelve mini corn dogs-$6.95
                                                  Twelve boneless wings-$7.95               2 pc Hog Wings-$7.95
                                                           Fish Bites$6.95                       Twelve Bone In Wings-$7.95
                                                                            4 pc. Blue Gill-$7.25

Includes choice of potato, one side, or house salad, and a roll
                         2-Pc. Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast-$9.75
                          Country Fried Steak-$9.75
                          8 oz. Hamburger steak -cooked in A-1 Sauce -$9.75                                                                                                                    ( add grilled onions or mushrooms $1.00 more)
                          Baked or Fried Cod-$10.75
                          3-Pc. Hog Wings-$10.75
                           4pc. Chicken Strips-$9.75
                            Chicken & Noodles-$8.95
                           Turkey Manhattan with Home Made Mashed Potatoes and Gravy-$9.75
                            Meat Loaf-$9.75
                            Shrimp Scampi with Pasta-$10.95 
                            Chicken Bowl-$8.95       
Served with your choice of salad dressing

       Homemade Blue Cheese    /    Ranch   /    /     Homemade Thousand Island                                                             Honey mustard   /    Homemade Southwest   /   Poppy Seed   /   Italian
                           Low Fat Ranch                                  Low Fat Italian

House (bacon,tomato and cheese) - $3.25     
Chef  (ham, turkey, bacon, tomato, onion, egg and cheese) $9.25 -served with a breadstick
Small chef (ham, turkey, bacon, tomato, onion, egg and cheese) $8.25 served with a breadstick
Grilled,Cajun, or Fried Chicken (tomato, onions,egg and cheese) $9.25-served with a breadstick
Small Grilled, Cajun, or Fried Chicken (tomato, onion, egg and cheese) $8.25-served with a breadstick
Taco Salad Bowl-$9.25
Kids Menu
no age limit
Breakfast  $3.50 small drink included
One egg, choice of meat and toast
Minnie or Mickey Mouse pancake and bacon
French toast  sticks and sausage
Biscuit and potatoes and gravy
Chocolate chip pancake
Lunch  $4.50 small drink included
                                                              (includes Fries, and Apple sauce )                                                             1/2 Grilled cheese 
Corn Dogs
Chicken Strip
Fish Bites
 popcorn shrimp